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Woodhill Sands welcomes The Rider’s Body as one of our Local Sponsors

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Woodhill Sands has introduced a new local sponsorship package to support smaller businesses to join the team.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lisa Goodhart and The Rider's Body. 


Are you frustrated with a lack of progression?  Have an unclear image of how your pelvis moves? Have hip, knee or back pain issues? Know that you are unbalanced or crooked? Lack body awareness and the ability to isolate body parts to give independent aids?  Struggle with confidence? Live with aches and pains? Would you like to improve your movement so you can continue riding and help your horse be his best for you? If the answer is yes, The Rider’s Body is for you!  

The Rider’s Body founder Lisa is a local rider who offers a unique range of tools from internationally recognised movement therapies to help riders develop.  Lisa works with pleasure riders looking to feel comfortable, balanced and safe through to competitive riders wanting to be more effective and have fewer riding related aches and pains.


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