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FAQs Dressage

Answers to some common questions about Dressage events at Woodhill Sands.

  • How many seconds do you have to enter the arena once the bell has sounded?

    You have 45 sec to enter the dressage ring.

  • Can I have a caller for my dressage test?

    Usually you can - we allow callers for all our non-registered dressage events, all registered dressage unless a championship class at a regional event or musical freestyle and for dressage tests at our mini ODEs. However, all Horse Trials or ODE's run under either NZPCA or ENZ rules cannot have callers (commanded tests).

  • In the warm up arena, how do you pass an oncoming rider?

    Left Shoulder-left shoulder

  • What should you do if you have a course error in the test?

    Go directly to the judge for clarification, don’t go to your caller.

  • What is the maximum length a whip can be for a horses?


  • What level do you have to ride sitting trot in a test unless otherwise specified?

    Level 3

  • Can your horse wear boots in the warm-up?

    Yes, but not in the actual test.

A link to the ESNZ Dressage Rule booklet can be downloaded here.



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