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Prydes Easifeed - Feeding through Winter.

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Winter can be a tricky time of year for feeding horses, especially if you have older horses or horses that lose weight easily. In addition to preparing for winter early, regular condition scoring and appropriate cover choices, feeding the right diet during winter is a key part of the mix to help keep your horses healthy and in good condition. 

Check out this article from Tony Moore at Prydes Easifeed, which outlines some good tips to help you get through the winter months.  Information about the full Prydes Easifeed range can be found here.

Woodhill Sands Rider Experience Survey

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This survey will help us to understand the needs of those participating in events at Woodhill Sands and help us to see how what are are providing meets these needs.  The survey will also allow riders to share how satisfied they are with their experiences at Woodhill Sands and gather information on how we can adapt our events and facilities in the future to meet needs as they evolve.


As we approach the end of the summer season, we're interested in understanding your views on how you've found riding and competing at Woodhill Sands over the past year.

We've developed a survey which includes questions about your experiences at the Woodhill Sands open days, training events, summer competitions and our winter series.

This information will help us to further develop the events we offer and to adapt how we do things to continue to improve our riders experience and meet future needs. The survey will close at 6pm on Wednesday the 17th of March. The survey is confidential and the results will only be used in an aggregated format.

The survey can be accessed via the following link:


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