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Woodhill Sands welcomes The Rider’s Body as one of our Local Sponsors

Woodhill Sands welcomes The Rider’s Body as one of our Local Sponsors

Jenette Bell
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Lisa Goodhart is the force behind The Rider’s Body.  Struggling with her own body awareness and coordination, feeling frustrated in lessons and a lack of harmony in the saddle, spending money on weekly massages and physio treatments led Lisa to try several different fitness approaches, from the gym to Zumba, but like many she fell into the gap between gym membership owner and gym goer. She tried Pilates classes and found a fitness approach that suited her dislike of cardio!

After deciding to make a career change and get out of the 8-5 office life she searched for equestrian-specific training and discovered Equipilates in the UK. Lisa bought the books and videos and knew this was what she was going to do.

After gaining her level 3 Pilates qualifications here in NZ she headed to the UK to train and become an Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer.  This system has equipped Lisa with the tools and corrective techniques to improve pelvic, thoracic and shoulder function, plus a raft of rider specific exercises and assessment tools; Lisa is one of only two in NZ to have this qualification. 

Besides being a level 3 Pilates teacher and Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer™ Lisa is also a Franklin Method® Educator and a Neurokinetic Therapist®. Lisa is the only combined Equipilates trainer and Franklin Method Educator in the North Island! These powerful science-based movement tools go far beyond simply strength training muscles and allow riders to develop a true mind-body connection for improved body awareness (or proprioception), enhanced understanding of anatomy for improved function, posture, coordination, feel and confidence.

Move better to ride better and be a more effective and efficient partner. Lisa works with everyday riders through to elite rising stars. Weekly group equipilates classes, weekly ladies Franklin Method movement class and mounted adult ride (coming soon!), 1:1 training as well as a series of unmounted Franklin Method workshops. 

In 2019 Lisa’s passion and desire to keep learning took her to Perth to train in Neurokinetic Therapy, this magic-like system of muscle testing and re-programming faulty motor control has allowed her to help many riders correct a twisted body and resolve chronic back pain, where other therapies failed.  Lisa found an amazing NKT mentor who is a physio lecturer at the University of Barcelona and has completed many of her CPD clinical Pilates/NKT workshops.

This year Lisa has taken her love of the Franklin Method another step and has recently qualified as a Level 1 Educator, making her one of only two movement professionals in NZ to have completed this training. 

The Franklin Method is hugely popular overseas and uses Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery to allow riders to go from an unclear understanding of how their pelvis, spine, legs, knees, and feet function from a bone rhythm perspective; that is how the bones interplay based on correct biomechanics and evolution. Armed with this new knowledge riders are in a position to self assess and find good posture and movement from the inside, rather than applying form from an external perspective which often blocks the natural bone rhythms and leads to stiffness, pain and injury.

The Franklin Method tool box gives riders techniques to transform their riding and their life. Changing your mind with the Franklin Method not only changes your movement, it gives you self belief and has changed many lives for the better around the world!

The Rider’s Body services include weekly group equipilates classes held locally and online, monthly Franklin Method and Equipilates workshops, personal training in the studio and mounted Franklin Method.  Lisa is also planning a weekly ladies club where riders will experience a Franklin Method movement class followed by a mounted group Franklin Method lesson. if you’re interested please get in touch with Lisa.

Lisa encourages a collaborative approach and can work with you and your current trainer or physio . Trainers also benefit from Lisa’s classes and workshops, and some well-regarded Auckland coaches reguarly host workshops and attend her classes.

No matter your discipline, whether you compete or ride for fun your horse will thank you for investing in your body and you won’t look back!

To find out more visit The Rider’s Body website

Lisa can be contacted via or 027 3800 265

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