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Woodhill Sands Video Clip

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Recently, Jenette Bell (our Trust Manager) hosted some guests at one of our events who were unfamiliar with equestrian sports and what we do at Woodhill Sands.  They both commented at the end of the day how much they had enjoyed being at our show and seeing things in action.  This often occurs when we are talking to those who may not be familiar with our sport or venue, and we thought, that as not everyone can always come out to an event that it would be great to find a way to show people the full spectrum of the sport and how Woodhill Sands supports our riders.

Logo refresh

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Last year, we asked members of our riding community for feedback about our current logo.  Our current logo has been used for a number of years and we wanted to give it a bit of a revamp and make sure that our riding community felt that it reflected the venue.

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