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Woodhill Sands – Upcoming Events

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Prydes Easifeed Practice XC & SJ

Event date: 2/07/2022 Export event
Prydes Easifeed Practice XC & SJ

These fun training days are a great chance to get your horse jumping cross country and show jumps.  There is usually one fully set Show Jumping course that you can adjust heights according to your experience level and practice rounds or a few jumps, plus a variety of cross country fences, which may include banks, ditches, corners, mobiles, skinnies etc. 

Riders are required to wear back protectors and medical armbands and provide emergency contacts if riding alone. We strongly recommend having a friend, instructor or family member with you when you jump, however we will have a staff member on hand at all times when you are jumping. 

Fences are open for jumping and will be flagged.  Just like in a normal competition situation we ask that you keep the red flag on your right hand side when jumping any fences, this will keep the track around the jumps flowing and avoid head on collisions.

We ask that all riders show courtesy to others riding at the same session time to give everyone space.

Bookings are essential through Evo Events.  We now offer payment via Poli or Stripe (credit card) for on line entries.  Please pay for your entries on-line.


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